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Listen To Pink Floyd's Remixed, Remastered Version Of 'Dogs'

Pink Floyd has offered a preview of their eagerly-anticipated Animals album remix with the updated version of the side-one epic "Dogs."

The 17-minute track epitomizes prime Pink Floyd with vocals by both Roger Waters and David Gilmour and music that seems to effortlessly sway between improvisation and orchestration.

You can listen to "Dogs" via the player above.

A new mix for the classic album was done in 2018 by engineer James Guthrie, who originally began working with Pink Floyd in 1978. While Waters and Gilmour approved of Guthrie's work, it took another four years for the pair to get on the same page about other aspects of the release, like archival material, photos and whether to include liner notes.

Animals 2018 Remix is due on CD, LP, Blu-ray and SACD formats on September 16. A deluxe, limited-edition set featuring behind-the-scenes photos is due October 7.

Waters is touring the U.S. this summer on his long-delayed 'This Is Not a Drill' tour. Go here for the tour dates.

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