Rod Stewart Sent A Check To Help A Nurse Hospitalized With COVID-19

A nurse from Wales who is facing a year of rehabilitation after being intubated with COVID-19 revealed that Rod Stewart sent her £5,000 (over $6,000) to help with her bills.

An emotional video of 35-year-old Natasha Jenkins reuniting with her three children after being released from the hospital was shared all over the world last week.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Stewart was apparently among the people touched by the video. Jenkins says the singer's management contacted her family and sent along a check and a signed photo with the message, "Hi Natasha, a small gift to help you through the rough times."

Jenkins was a trainee at a hospital in Cardiff, Wales, when she got infected with the novel coronavirus. After being intubated and spending weeks in a coma, her condition began to improve and she eventually tested negative for the virus.

Despite her positive turn, she has a long road of recovery ahead of her and still can't walk on her own power. She said that when Stewart's office called and asked for her address, she was just expecting a get-well-soon card.

"[He] sent me quite a substantial bit of money to help me through the times I'm going through," she said. "That was amazing — obviously I can't work at the moment. I've had to take time off from university, so it's a massive help. I'm a single parent with three children."

Stewart himself hasn't publicly addressed his gift to Jenkins. He recently told the BBC that he's been impatient in quarantine and is itching to get back on tour.

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