Eddie Van Halen Remembers His Dad In Emotional Clip Shared By Wolfgang

Wolfgang Van Halen is sharing daily tributes to his late-father Eddie Van Halen, who passed away last week of cancer at age 65.

In the days since Eddie's death, Wolfie has shared daily tributes to his beloved father, including pictures of the two performing together onstage with Van Halen, to behind-the-scenes shots and old family photographs, like this, the cutest picture ever taken.

On Tuesday, October 13, one full week since Eddie's death, Wolfgang shared a clip of his dad speaking at a Smithsonian Q&A a few years ago. Eddie is posed a classic hypothetical by an audience member: 'What deceased musician would you most like to jam with?'

As Wolfie prepares to launch his solo career after years of work, it's a question he'll likely be asked someday, too. In the clip, Eddie answers it in the most sincere, heartbreaking way.

"Wow," Eddie replies as he mulls the question. "I'd love to jam with my father again."

The room erupts in applause, and it's clear that Wolfgang's answer will be the same.

Accompanying the clip, Wolfgang included a shot of his grandfather, Jan Van Halen, playing saxophone with Eddie on piano. A second photo depicts Eddie and Wolfgang performing together.

Family was a huge part of Eddie's life, from co-founding Van Halen with his brother Alex Van Halen to eventually bringing his wunderkind son Wolfie into the band in 2006.

Eddie's friends have remembered him as good-hearted person and humble virtuoso who loved making people feel like family.

Photo: Getty Images