Fred Willard: Thank You For ALL the Laughs!

From The Ace Trucking Company (brilliant sketch comedy) to Fernwood Tonight w Martin Mull, where he created Jerry Hubbard - the "Guy who thinks he's funny not but you still love him" Character...Fred polished that to a gleaming jewel: the Army guy in "Spinal Tap", Ron the "Star" travel agent in "Waiting For Guffman," The Color man in "Best In Show," and SO many more Prime time TV shows - You couldn't help but smile just seeing him. He lived every actor's DREAM: The phone kept ringing for work till the last! He was 86, but his last appearance will be in Netflix's upcoming "Space Force." Go join the Greats, Fred. You want comedic Genius? Check out Fred and Catherine O'Hara riffing from "Guffman"...


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