Carry-On Packing Tips!

From Thrillist:

Air travel is still statistically the safest way to travel...but packing for air travel can be an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, The Thrillist asked a number of flight attendants their thoughts on packing the next time you fly the friendly skies.

(For the record, I've traveled a bit, and have used some of these tips...they DO WORK.)

Heads up:

  • PACK AROUND YOUR SHOES - Shoes usually take up the most space in your travel bag. Bring only the shoes you NEED, not the ones you WANT. Save space by bringing a pair of flip flops or flats and dress shoes. Your walking shoes, or sneakers? Wear them on the plane.
  • FOLD AND ROLL - Fold your pants, then ROLL them. Do the same for your shirts. Not sure how? CLICK HERE for shirts - CLICK HERE for pants
  • WON'T FIT IN THE BAG? WEAR IT - Seriously, if you think you need that item that much on your trip, and it won't fit in your bag, then wear it. Layer up if you need to. You've seen odder dressed people at the airport, right.

For more tips on efficient packing - CLICK HERE

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Cliff Bennett

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