Kmart Employee's Emotional Goodbye At Closing

A Kmart worker for 18 years in McMurray, Pennsylvania, broke down a bit while announcing that the store was closing for the final time.

"I’m 34 years old now, but when I was 16, I was some punk kid who split time between working at a golf course during the summer and a Panera Bread during the winter. In those 18 years since, I’ve had full-time jobs, other part-timers, been unemployed and have hustled to make ends meat at times. It’s been a wild journey, guys", said Joshua Englert.

Kmart is victim of its parent company, Sears Holdings, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this week, meaning the retail giant is closing its doors for good.

This is SAD - so many long running companies that we've all grown up with are closing.  It's literally a part of our upbringing that will soon be lost. 

Check out his emotional farewell video.

Cliff Bennett

Cliff Bennett

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