Job Shaming? Seriously? Cliff's Take On This!

I wasn't going to comment on this...but oh well.  This story pissed me off to an all new level.

I just moved my daughter up to NYC to pursue her dream of performing. If that means waiting tables or bagging groceries at a Trader Joe's between performance gigs, SO BE IT. She was raised, obviously as Geoffrey Owens was, to do the job, no matter what the job was, to make it. I applaud him for his candor and how he's handled this situation.

And as much as I hate it came to light like this, I'm also sort of glad it did. Job shaming? Seriously? Do people have nothing better to do with their time nowadays???

If I'm on radio here in the area (which I obviously AM) ... and you find me operating an Uber for a little side $$, would I be shamed?

Actually, and again I hate to say it, but probably, unfortunately.  But what does it really matter? People need to get a freakin' clue and mind their own damn business.

Cliff Bennett

Cliff Bennett

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