Willis: “Die Hard Is NOT A Christmas Movie”?

Hard to believe it's been 30 years since the release of what a LOT of people call 'the ultimate Christmas movie'...DIE HARD.  There's been a lot of debate back and forth of whether the action classic IS...or ISN'T.

Well, Bruce Willis just re-opened the floodgates on this one.


Willis himself also said something which will re-open a debate many thought was over. He said: “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie”.

The comment comes on the thirtieth anniversary this week of the iconic action classic which was a major influence on many films in the genre afterwards. Though not a classic Christmas film per se, its Christmas-time setting has led to long-running meme that some consider it not just the best but, really, the ONLY Christmas movie.

The comment was made at a recently recorded roast of Willis for Comedy Central, set to be aired on 7/29.

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Cliff Bennett

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