DNA - Cliff's Dog Reveal!

SO. We're talking about my dog, PAX.

This is, I believe...my 13th dog.  I'm a dog lover, as is my family, and when I found this one on Craigslist a few years ago, I couldn't let him go.  NOT because of him, but how they treated him - he had fly bites on his ears, and he was definitely NOT what they said he was - a white purebred German Shepherd. But when my daughter saw him, it was a SOLD deal. Plus, I wouldn't have given him back, fearful for how he might've been treated at the time.

We had a new dog.  We just weren't sure what the hell he was.

FAST FORWARD - we got another dog (Ginger), and live with currently 3 cats - they all get along, more or less...the house is a zoo. 

My wife got a DNA test for the white devil, which we named PAX (after the snowstorm a few years ago, since he's white and destructive), and I just got the results back.  NOT what we were expecting.

Now, we've had a number of people look at him, including vets, who have said; Samoyed, Husky, German Shepard, etc. 

Then we got the results. WOW.

First off, we got these from WISDOM PANEL, and we've used them before.  Good results.  Here's what we got this time.  To begin with, this is what PAX looks like:

Wait - what?  He's half the size of one, and twice the size of another?  Seriously, he's 2x the size of a shina ibu, and nowhere near the size of a Tibetian Mastiff...but it DOES explain his attitude.  ANYWAY, some of the other 50%...


And apparently he's more of THIS one...which makes him MORE of a Rhodesian Ridgeback than the actual one we have...


What??  Really surprising, considering THIS is Ginger, our other dog...

There were some others, including Malamute and Husky, which we expected...but no Samoyed.  Strange.

ANYWAY...no matter what the result is, the point is straight and true - my dogs are RESCUE dogs.  All I've ever had.  And they are family.  And they are the BEST dogs EVER.

They love us with so much more devotion than I could ever put into words.  I wouldn't give these babies up for anything.

DNA be damned - when it's all said an done, I don't care where you're from - they are MINE now. ;) And they always will be.

The point is - no matter where you get your dog - LOVE THEM, no matter what. I can tell you, these two love my family, and are PART of my family.  Find your next family member at the nearest and local pet society - they're waiting for YOU.

Cliff Bennett

Cliff Bennett

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