Dirty Dishes = Relationship Killer?

Yeah, I get it. I could totally see how this could be a thing. And I am one of those people that will leave dishes in the sink and won't wash them for maybe like a week later, or until I'm out of spoons.


According to this new study, washing dirty dishes is the most likely chore that effects the relationship negatively. It also states that women are often stuck doing the dishes than their counterparts.

C'mon - we all know that's unfortunately a FACT.  I admit it - I've washed a full load of dishes in the sink maybe...3 times in a year? And that is something I need to get better at.

Women in heterosexual relationships reported that they were less satisfied in the relationship and had more relationship conflict due to always being stuck with washing the dishes.

Washing the dishes is the number one agitator for a couple of reasons: 1) that no one wants to touch old nasty soggy left over food.  2) no one compliments you after doing them, like they would after cooking a delicious dinner. 3) Women often have to do the chores that involve cleaning up a mess from their children and spouses. 

Is this true? Do you think that doing the dishes can be a relationship killer?!?

Story - The Atlantic

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