Cheap Guitars and Expensive Ones - Is there a difference?


If you're a musician, you are probably always looking for better gear. But the top value might not be your bottom dollar!

That's the lesson from YouTube user Jared Dines, who's latest video tackles the age-old question of how cost affects tone.

In the video, Dines plays the same riff using four different guitar and amplifier combinations, ranging in value from $100 to nearly $6,000. 

Dines has broached this topic in previous videos centered specifically on how guitars are valued. He acknowledges that many factors beyond an instrument's sound affect its cost and value. These are factors like its playability, how well it stays in tune, its durability/longevity, its feel and its versatility. 

Those other factors are hard to test, but Dines isn't wrong to focus on tone; an audience doesn't care whether your guitar is hard to play -- only that it sounds good to them!

If you're really serious, you might even want to try first listening to the video without seeing what gear Dines is using. Take a number and re-watch to see what it was that you liked best. Check it out above!

The lesson here is probably something like the tone comes mostly from the player, and Dines is pretty good at guitar, so none of his riffs sounds bad. 

What is fascinating about the whole experiment is that, depending on your taste, you might be surprised at what sound you like the best!

Thumbnail: YouTube / Jared Dines

Cliff Bennett

Cliff Bennett

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