It Turns Out Chevelle Did Make Money, Just NOT On Their Music

Chevelle's Sam Loeffler has revealed just exactly HOW his band hasn't made any money from album sales.

In a new interview, Loeffler had to clarify just how this works, saying, "We didn't say how much money we've made in anything except for we haven't made any money from album sales, which is true."

Loeffler added that Chevelle receive money from touring and merchandise, saying, "We've done very well on all the other parts of the business, which is great."

As far as his brother Pete's previous comments, Sam says: ""I think the whole thing with Pete saying that, about how we haven't made any money on albums, is more about letting people know how it works when you sign away your masters for 29 years."

It is a bitch of a business!

photo: getty images