This Is The 'Signature' Dessert You Have To Try In Georgia

Homemade Organic Apple Pie Dessert

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Sometimes it feels necessary to feed your sweet tooth, and your favorite dessert might vary depending on where you grew up.

Every state has a signature sweet that stands out among the rest — some even have “official” desserts. That’s why Stacker picked out the best regional desserts nationwide. The data journalism hub knows:

“Whether you’re tucking into a slice of tangy key lime pie at a beach bar in Florida, fluffy chiffon cake at a wedding in California, or an airy cream puff at the Wisconsin State Fair, there’s no denying the effect. Indulging in a location-specific sweet treat will create a special memory that stays with you, connecting you to a place forever.”

There are tons of sweet treats to try across the country. But which one do you need to try if you’re passing through the Peach State?

Peach cobbler!

That may be a no brainer, considering Georgia’s famous nickname. But it’s true — Georgians know how to make the best cobbler. Stacker reads:

“Peaches may only be in season for 16 weeks in Georgia, but they’ve sure made an impression on locals. Not only are more than 50 streets in Atlanta named after peaches, but peach cobbler has become a favorite dessert. Topped with crumble or quick-baked into a mixture of flour, butter, sugar, and milk, peach cobbler is a Georgia favorite.”

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