This Atlanta-Area Mini Golf Course Is The Best One In The Whole State

Mini golf

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The summer is winding down, but there’s still plenty of time to get to your favorite mini golf courses.

The game that’s been thriving for more than 150 years. Since its popularity has only increased since then, Stacker opted to pay tribute to the game with a list of the best putt putt courses in each state. The data journalism hub explains:

“To do so, we analyzed ratings and reviewed data from Tripadvisor in order to determine the best mini-golf in every state and Washington D.C. Alaska is excluded from the list because there are no mini-golf courses in the state on Tripadvisor. Both the destination’s score out of five and the number of reviews the destination had were used to pick the best destination.”

So, which mini golf course is the best one in Georgia?

Fun Spot Atlanta, a family-owned business that also offers an enormous go-kart track, a ferris wheel, batting cages and more.

More than 500 reviewers collectively ranked the mini golf course a 5 out of 5. Stacker reads:

“If the idea of stepping foot on the roller coasters and Ferris wheels at Fun Spot America Atlanta makes your stomach drop, a serene stroll through the connected mini-golf course might just be the solution. Priced at just $5 per person per game, this classic course offers something for everyone, and can even be enjoyed by the littlest members of your group.”

Fun Spot America Atlanta is located at 1675 Hwy 85 North in Fayetteville. Find more info about it here.

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