Silent Heroes - iHeartMedia Augusta Salutes Silent Heroes in our Community

iHeartMedia Augusta Salutes Silent Heroes in our community. If you want to nominate someone e-mail with their name, picture, and occupation.

Josette Johnson is a Rehabilitation Technician at Augusta University: I work along side the therapist to help patients regain their mobility after surgery, or injury or illness like stroke/heart attack. I also do wound care and whirlpool therapies

Dede Pridgen. She is a RN at University Hospital ICU, which is currently being used solely for covid-19 patient care. She is a true silent hero!

This is Carla Hammett! She works in aiken county school district at Jefferson Elementary school in Warrenville SC! We have been preparing breakfast and lunch for the kids since Covid-19 started

This guy literally goes above and beyond the call of duty all the time, everyone in the hospital knows Robert will be there in a split second if they need him

Kym Allen- Manager of Child Life Services & Director of Camp Rainbow

Shornia Folk, Patient Care Tech in the Pediatric ICU at Augusta University. Shornia is amazing and is routinely recognized by her peers as going above and beyond on a regular basis

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