Three Arrested After Booby Trap Injures Portland Cyclist

Dakota E. Murphy, Antonio R. Tolman-Duran, and Justin J. Jones

Three men were arrested in Portland, Oregon after police say they rigged a trap across a popular bike path. Officers responded to a call that a woman was injured on the path and discovered a woven string across the road. 

Carlene Ostedgaard told Fox 12 that as she was biking downhill the string caught her face, digging into her cheek and nose. 

“It like hot and I could actually feel the pieces unraveling across my face,” Ostedgaard said.

Ostedgaard put her head down and somehow managed to stay upright as she came to a stop. 

Police found the three alleged culprits nearby and they were taken into custody without incident. They were identified as Justin J. Jones, 23, Antonio R. Tolman-Duran, 27, and Dakota E. Murphy, 21 and charged with fourth-degree assault and three counts of reckless endangering.

Photo: Portland Police


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